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please stop saying “sims 4 is actually really good, people are just whining about what they took out” like if you buy sims 4 you are literally telling companies that you want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for half a game and then pay even more money to get the rest of the game (that shouldve been in the original) as dlc like. do not buy sims 4 its literally one of the biggest scams ive ever heard of

do you guys know anything about fma

do i do the first series and then brotherhood? is the dub ok? it’s just 4 am and I don’t want to read subtitles but i will…

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was procrastinating w doodles instead of doing homework and then i remember i PAY FOR MY CLASSES and productivity was had

this is official art omfg

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another thought on that harvest moon and materiality post:

I can see why the company made the switch. it’s probably super hard to market games to kids (on portable consoles especially) without a cute look. Especially when I assume most of the competition comes from apps that have a very graphic appeal? idk, I don’t know much about the video game market especially in Japan, but it’s sad to see that style go. 

Harvest Moon And Materiality


As Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns is currently down to 10€ on the eShop I’ve been thinking about getting it.
People say it is less focussed on farming and more on little errands, also there is some travelling between the two towns involved which even shall take a few minutes. Harvest Moon with a little more wilderness sounds appealing.

But then there is also the newer and supposedly superior Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, which until today I thought the had not been released in Germany yet - my mistake. I want to talk about A New Beginning.

I think the art direction is way, way off. Harvest Moon on the SNES and Game Boy had this slightly grainy - I don’t mean pixelated! - look, which (accidently?) fit the rural theme very well:


Now take a look at A New Beginning:


Besides some questionable choices, like that happy smiley face, or the main character’s Bratz doll features, one thing stings the most:
The materiality is all wrong. In older games, the grainy look also simulated how things felt to the toucheven if you could not actually touch them.
I suppose it similiar to how food is processed by the brain - eating with eyes closed changes the way things taste.
The grainy top screenshot, aside from its look, felt sandy, dirty and rough. The graphics supported the supposed materiality.

The later Harvest Moons look like, forgive me, plastic.

I’ve always feared the plastic comparison. Idiotic people always compare things they don’t like to plastic. Hoho, plastic people.
Don’t bully plastic!

Portrayed nature and grainy graphics always work so well together. It is as if the grain substitutes our imperfect way of seeing things.

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lindsey graham looks like a fucking catfish

There’s a post going around tumblr praising hugh hefner for being so socially progressive


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karma’s only a bitch if you are

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